‘Benjamin’ 26″ old Steiff bear

Benjamin is a very special, and rare large old Steiff bear from the 1950s.  He is a rare to find size of 26” (66cm).  to the top of his ears when standing.  Sitting height is 18″ (46cm) He is a lovely big chunky Steiff who is much larger than the 20” bear we have for sale.  With luxurious thick curly mohair, glass eyes,  wood wool stuffing, a stitched nose, mouth, and claws.  Original felt paw pads are good for his age a few faint marks, but no holes to the felt.   

He has a large Steiff button in his ear (raised script, thin letters)  He is a talkative old bear with a loud working tilt growler.  He is very clean from a non-smoking home past and present.   His mohair coverage is for his age excellent with some gentle age fading of his fur to be expected at his age.  With only minimal wear to the fur, a couple of small areas show some slight thinning, on the back of his head, and around his muzzle.  He is a very expressive bear with a lovely gentle face he is one of the nicest big Steiff you could hope to have in this size.  

Email us for his photo file. £1495 Price £1395 until 30.5.22