Old Steiff Bears P.1

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Savana is a really cute old Steiff bear from the 1950s. She has an adorable expression and is quite her own unique character now. She has mohair fur, glass eyes, and original felt paw pads (they have some holes to the felt but the wood wool is quite secure underneath) Height standing 14″ (36cm) no longer has a button, tags, tummy squeaker no longer works. Her mohair coverage for her age is good )see photos), with a little age wear around her muzzle, arms, and feet mostly. Some gentle age fading, age discolouration. She is clean and from a non-smoking home. Email for more photos. £225


Eleanor is a rare large old Steiff bear from the 1950s. She is a large bear standing at 20” (50cm) with glass eyes and pale golden mohair. She has a tilt growler that only tends to be heard when you tap her back nowadays. Her felt paw pads are original with some wear to the felt on her hand paws. Which does not cause her any problems. No longer has a button, tags as they were often removed for safety reasons before giving teddy to children. (they were considered a choking hazard). Overall for her age, she is in good condition and clean. With some age wear to her mohair mostly on her arms, head, and around her heels. She is a strong old bear who has been well cared for over the years. She comes with her old German bib and bells around her neck.
She comes with her old friend ‘Timmy’ a very loved old Steiff Zotty also from the 1950s. He is a very cute bear, standing at 8” (20cm) glass eyes, mohair fur (worn on his tummy, face, and arms)Felt to his mouth and paw pads is good for age but faded. His squeaker no longer works, and he no longer has a button or tags. He comes with his age-stained dungarees (which have been washed)
Email us for their photo file. Price for the pair is £495

‘SIGFRIED’ SUPERB RARE OLD STEIFF BEAR with button in ear & stock label 1959-1966

Sigfried is a superb example of an old Steiff bear in beautiful condition for his age. He is a large bear standing at 17″ (43cm) He has his Steiff button in his ear (raised script, thin letters) and a yellow stock label with a readable EAN number which is slightly worn but can be clearly seen as 5343:02 which dates him to being made between 1959 – 1966.

He has superb coverage of his original caramel mohair which is not faded as many are with age. He has glass eyes, original felt paw pads are in excellent condition. His tilt growler works some of the time and is quieter than when new, or with a gentle tap on his back. Mohair is superb with just a little age wear mostly around his muzzle, and seam above the right eye. He is very clean, from a non-smoking home. A beautiful bear, highly recommended. Email for his photo file. £350


Frederick is a rare larger size old Steiff ‘mask’ bear. (they are called mask bears, as they have the pretty heart-shaped inset muzzle’ Really hard to find older Stieff mask bears in this size. He is from the late 1960s – to the mid-1970s. (This size was only made c.1966-1975) He has wonderful thick mohair with a stunning frosted look to it.

His eyes are either glass or very realistic early plastic (non-safety) He is fully jointed, with a Steiff lentil type button in the ear and remains of his yellow cloth stock label. His tilt growler does work at times or when you gently tap his tummy but it is quieter than when new. Paw pads are slightly age-faded but very good for age with no holes. He is very clean from a non-smoking home a superb example of these sought-after bears. Email for his photo file. £395