Old Steiff Bears P.1

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Celeste is a very appealing large old Steiff bear from the 1950s. She is fully jointed with glass eyes. Original felt paw pads are good for age with a few small marks, minor signs of wear. Her growler works sometimes or when her back is gently tapped. Height 20″ (50cm) No longer has a button, tags. (These were often removed for safety reasons before giving to children) Mohair coverage is very good overall for her age. with some wear around her muzzle, back of one ears, slight thinning on her chest. (still overall really good coverage and a fluffy bear) A couple of her nose threads are broken. Overall a lovely very clean bear from a non-smoking home. Email for her photo file. £450


Angelica and her baby are the most enchanting pair of old Steiff bears with gold mohair. Both are in really good clean condition, from a non-smoking past, so good for their ages, with very realistic early plastic eyes (non-safety). Both no longer have buttons, tags. ‘ANGELICA’ is 13″ (34cm) is fully jointed, growler no longer works just clunks. She has an early look with her long muzzle, long tapering hand paws, and large feet. Felt paw pads are original and good for age with a small hole in felt and some faint marks. Fur is very good for age, small areas of wear but minimal for her age. ‘BABY’ He is just so sweet, height 5.5″ (15cm) fully jointed and has for a small bear a big personality. They would make a fabulous Christmas gift. Email for their photo file. Price the pair £295