Old Steiff Bears on wheels

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Casper is a very rare, old Steiff riding bear made shortly after the end of WW2 in Germany.
He has superb coverage of mohair fur with glass eyes, a stitched nose, mouth and claws. He has a loud working growler and an original Steiff red leather collar around his neck.
He has the rare Steiff button in capital letters STEIFF and the yellow cloth stock label (now too faded to read) He also has the cloth label in his leg seam ‘Made in the US Zone’ The Steiff factory in Germany was in the US area and between 1947-1952 this label was added to bears (and other items)
The height to the top of his shoulder from the floor is 17” (43cm) From the tip of his nose to his back measures 22” (56cm) he is on an iron frame with Steiff metal wheels with tyres. His feet felt paw pads are very good for his age. Just a mark under the frame on the back foot felt.
He is, without doubt, the best condition Steiff riding bear of this type we have ever had. He is outstanding. Very clean from a non-smoking home.
Email us for his photo file. £895 * Enquire for free UK postage offer


Bruno is an adorable older Steiff ride-on bear with a Steiff gold colour incised script button in the ear and a yellow cloth stock label (now faded with age) Dates him to being made 1978-mid 80s. He is on a metal frame with original Steiff ‘eccentric’ (swiveling) wheels (some age flaking of paint and marks on the wheels but very good for age). He also still has his original red-white striped pull chord. He has been very well cared for over the years and is a really pretty bear. His face still has the airbrush markings, and his realistic plastic eyes.

His fur is a soft plush fur known as ‘Draylon’ which was popular with Steiff at the time. He has original felt paw pads that are in excellent condition with no holes. The height from the floor to the top of his back is 17″ (43cm) the length from the front to the back wheel is 23.5″ (59cm) approx. Very hard to find this rare vintage ride on Steiff Bears now. Email for his full photo file. £365

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