Old Steiff Riding Bears & Animals

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Bertie is a really enchanting rare old Steiff riding bear. He is small enough to fit in anywhere, such as sitting on a dresser. He is perfect to sit other old bears on and around. Hard to find these old riding bears now especially in such good condition for his age. He was made between 1969-1976 with draylon (soft plush) fur, realistic plastic eyes (non-safety) Steiff button in ear (lentil type) with a yellow cloth stock label. Ean a little too faded now to read. He is on a metal frame with wheels. Has his original collar. Height from floor to the top of his head 23″ (43cm) Length 23″ (59cm) width 10″ (28cm) original striped pull cord. His face has very good airbrush details, markings still clearly visible. felt paw pads are very good for his age with just a few marks. Overall really good and clean for his age, from a non-smoking home. Email for his full photo file. Price £395


Kaiser is for his age in really good condition. So rare to find these earlier Steiff riding bears now, even more so to find one still with his FF Button in the ear. Which dates him to being made between c.1926-1934. He has mohair fur, glass eyes, his nose stitching has some wear from being stroked probably which just adds to his considerable charm. He is on a metal frame with wooden wheels. He is a good size and measures from the floor to the top of his neck 20″ (50cm) Length from front wheel to end of his heels 20″ (51cm) width from outer wheel to outer wheel 12.5″ (31cm) He has ‘eccentric wheels’ so when a pull cord is once again attached to his front pulley he will follow along in his own eccentric way.

He still has his pull chord and ring for growler but it only pulls out a short way and he no longer growls. Has lifelike mohair fur is really good for his great age, with gentle wear to his back and back of ears from being ridden many years ago. But see photos not huge wear just signs of his great age and that he has been very well cared for and treated. His felt paw pads are very good and original just a few small holes to the felt. His metal frame and wheels are good for their age with some signs of age with loss of paint as would be expected. He is from a non-smoking home and a truly special really rare antique Steiff bear. Email for his photo file. £1695

Neddy is a rare superb example of an old Steiff donkey on wheels from the 1950s. He has been kept boxed for some time and so is in very good original condition for his age. He still has very good airbrush markings, mohair fur with realistic mane and tail. Glass eyes, original felt paw pads, still has his old ring metal growler but that no longer makes a sound. So rare to find one still with what looks like all his original tack on him. With original Steiff metal frame and wheels which have Steiff stamped on the tyres.
He has his Steiff button in his ear (raised script, thin letters) with yellow stock label frayed but still readable. Ean number faded but you can make out .13_ _/:20 Dates him to being made 1959-1966. Seeing his age and type of button, we would say he is from the late 1950s. He measures from floor to the top of his head 18” ( 45cm). Length from front wheel to end of the back one 18” (45cm) Width 9” (23cm) approximately.

His mohair is overall very good indeed for his age with only minimal signs of age wear mostly on his muzzle see photos. He has the original Steiff red and white chord to pull him along with the wooden handle. Some wear to paint, and minor signs of age rusting to wheels and frame. We have never had such a good clean example before he is very realistic and adorable. Email for his photo file. £695

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