Antique German Bears

On this page are our German veteran bears all pre 1940 many are much older. Scroll down the page to see all our bears currently available

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Hugo is a very early German bear c.1920s-30s. He was a mauve lilac colour mohair bear popular at the time. He is very loved and has his own unique character. He came wearing his very old fashioned bathing suit! He has whats left of his long mohair, eyes long gone now have stitched replacements. nose, mouth, claw stitching looks original. He is fully jointed. Height 14″ (36cm) long slim body shape is of that time. paw pads recovered a long time ago in velvet. Sliced in ears at the seams show his original very bright colouring. Some wear on the back of his head. See photos he is very loved and has been you can see that. outfit looks made for him. ADOPTED


2 old friends who wish to stay together. C.1930s-1950s both very old German bears. They are left to right.. ‘Wolfgang’ he has curly plush fur, glass eyes, has rod jointed limbs, jointed head. height 11″ (28cm) felt paw pads have some wear. Ears are the sliced in type seen on earlier bears. stitched nose, mouth. ‘Fred’ has mohair fur which has a lot of fur wear. glass eyes, 11″ (28cm) high. squeaker does not work, paw pads recovered a long time ago. stitched nose, mouth, claws. Both bears look old with some age wear to fur and pads and are in ‘as found’ condition. Email for more photos. Price £70


Maria & Franz came in together so must be rehomed as a pair. Franz is older he looks a 1940s -50s bear possibly earlier. Made when materials in short supply probably after WW2 or during it. His clothes look made from old clothes and very well done. He has a plush fur face and glass eyes. wears a striped button down shirt with dungarees. His legs are made of an old thick stocking material with hand made booties. Length 15″ (38cm) unjointed with age wear but clean and well cared for. Maria is a professionally made bear c.1950s with dress made as part of her body. mohair fur, unjointed, glass eyes. length 10″ (25cm) some age wear to mohair and the back seam on her head has worn in the same area that the fur has worn on the back of Franz head! shows I think held by the same person. A very sweet pair who deserve a good home. Email for more photos. Price £45


Meredith is a very old, antique German bear c.1930s with cinnamon colour mohair, glass eyes. She has jointed limbs, her head is jointed but has been sewn in place, tilt growler now just clunks. nose , mouth stitching worn away she still has most her claws. paw pads been recovered a long time ago. Height 17″ (43cm) She is in ‘as found’ condition with overall age wear to her fur (but her fur is still for for her age) She would benefit from some TLC including a suds wash and brush to look her best. No makers tags but certainly by a very good maker of the time. Email for more photos. £70


Paws is a rare antique German bear with the very slim body shape seen at the time. Rare to find one in his larger size. Height 24″ (62cm) short bristle type mohair fashionable at this time. glass boot button eyes possibly old replacements for wooden boot button eyes he may have had before. Tilt growler no longer works just clunks when he is tilted. His hand paws have been bandaged over probably where the felt needed replacement as that was commonly done at this time. His feet paw pads were recovered a very long time ago also. On his back is a area that has been pushed in over time from being held there (the woodwool has settled back under his fur) the fur itself is fine. Small area above right eye has worn through the fabric otherwise he is for his great age in good condition. He has been very well loved and cared for. Email for more photos. Price £95


Elisabeth is a very old antique large German bear. Height 23″ (60cm) with a blonde mohair seen on early bears. Glass eyes. fully jointed. nose stitching worn, mouth gone. paw pads have had impressive repairs by ‘mummy’. growler no longer works. Age wear overall to her fur and discolouration, she looks a very old bear now. 2 of her claw threads broken. She is quite a character and now looks for a new home. No makers tags but certainly by a good quality maker of the time. Email for more photos. Price. £125


Elvira is a rare large antique German bear c.1930s -40s. In superb condition overall for her age and size. Height 22″ (55cm) fully jointed with glass eyes. Very good mohair coverage. No makers labels but certainly by a good maker of the time. paw pads have been recovered a long time ago. Email for more photos. Price £145 * Photo taken in bright sunlight makes the fur look dappled, it is all the same colour


Ivor is a very sweet faced antique German bear c.1930’s,  mohair fur, glass eyes. height 13″ (33cm) stitched nose and mouth. Jointed head, rod jointed head, non working squeaker. linen paw pads some age marks. Some age wear to his mohair. Overall he is good for his age. Email us for his photo file. Price £35