Antique Rocking Horses

On this page are some of our very special antique, old Rocking Horses by famous makers such as F H Ayres, Lines, J R Smith, Crossley, Collinson and other quality makers of the past. For more information or to purchase, please use our Contact Us Form at the bottom of this page.

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Wonderful really old F H Ayres rocking horse c.1910-1930 on original stand, with original brackets and swing irons. He is a large horse height 44″ to top of his neck to his saddle is 34″. Stand measures 50″ by 15.5″ aprx. Lovely unspoilt horse with a superb head with large glass eyes (slightly scuffed with age)

Many years ago he was over painted and now the gesso plaster under has some typical cracking as happens over the years. It is cosmetic and happens with most older horses as they are played with and enjoy a good gallop! It looks like the top part of his old leather Ayres saddle is underneath the one now seen. His bit and stirrups are very old and probably original, the rest of the tack is an old replacement. If you would like anymore photos or details just email us. Price £1295


Poppy is a beautiful very special antique dapple grey rocking horse c.1930’s. Attributed to Crossley Brothers of Blackpool a very famous rocking horse maker of the last century. They produced a large range of toys including before WW2 beautifully carved rocking horses. Poppy has the distinctive eyebrows attributed to this maker and her large size and build including a fuller body and very distinctively carved legs. We have never had a rocking horse by this maker before, she is truly special. At some time c.1950s-60s she was sent to another famous rocking horse maker who did restoration work as well as make rocking horses. This was ‘Collinson of Liverpool’ so now she sports some of their style in her dapple painting and tack, swing irons, etc.

Part of her stand maybe later replacement by Collinson. The stand upright is not a Collinson one and her horizontal runners seem original. Some age wear to her plaster gesso with typical age related wear, crazing, and cracks visible please see photos. These are cosmetic and not structural. A little wear on her ear tips, her eyes maybe a Collinson touch of metal she would have had glass eyes originally but they may have been damaged so replaced when being restored. Her stand has been cleaned and lightly waxed to retain the age character and not cover the gentle minor scuffs signs of wear to the wood.

Poppy measures 42″ to the top of her head, 35″ to the saddle. The stand measures 51″ long by 17″ wide.

She is the most impressive rocking horse beautiful to admire and look at. Ideal to grace a larger home or room with such a fabulous antique rocking horse. Price £1195


Prancer is a wonderful original genuine very old Collinson of Liverpool rocking horse c.mid 20th century 1950s-1960s. He is in all original condition having just had his mane replaced with synthetic long hair so it can be plated if required by his new owner. Saddle seat has some age related wear and parts of his tack see photos. We have cleaned and waxed his stand to protect the wood. Collinson of Liverpool are one of our most famous makers they are the loved childhood horse of many children in the last century.

Prancer measures 39″ to the top of his head, 31″ to his saddle. His stand measures 48″ long by 16″ wide.

He is a very old horse but in really good condition overall for his age, please see our photos. He has some areas of wear to the tops of his ears the wood is a little worn. the gesso (painted plaster on the horse) has some crazing cracking and areas of wear which are typical of old rocking horses and not a structural problem. If you would like any more photos just let us know. Price £495