Vintage Animals

On this page are a selection of old, vintage collectable UK, European animals.

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OLD GERMAN LION c.1950s-60s

Lovely old lion from Germany c.1950s-1960s. He is unjointed with glass eyes. length 16″ (40cm) excluding his tail. Height 8″ (20cm) Still has his airbrush markings, stitched nose and mouth. Made in a woolly fur fabric seen after WW2 when mohair was in short supply. No makers tags but a good maker of the time. We have had one like him before. He is in as found condition and his fur is age discoloured, a little wear to the fur on the tip of his tail. Overall good for his age. will benefit from a light suds wash and brush and looks lovely then. Email for more photos. £40


Hard to find old German musical ladybird with label which says ‘Original Steinhauser made in Germany’. Plays pretty tune sounds like ‘Little Star’ type. has plush fur. length 5″ (13cm) realistic plastic boot button eyes (non safety) cl1960s-70s. Very good for age. Fur is not faded just taken photo in sunlight makes him look lighter. Original cord to hang or hold him with at the front, pull cord at back is pulled back to play the tune. £30

OLD GERMAN GOOGLE EYE CAT type animal c.1960s’

Cute old cat like animal from Germany with side glancing plastic eyes. plush fur, limbs have internal wiring so are semi-posable. height 8.5″ (22cm) no tags. good for age, fur slightly discoloured. Email for more photos £15


Adorable old mohair dog by Hermann rare to find with his cloth label (green lettering) C.1950s-60s possibly earlier. He has a jointed head, mohair fur, stitched nose, mouth, claws. (1 claw thread is broken but there still) Height 10″ (26cm) Length 11″ (28cm) excluding tail. woodwool stuffing. some fraying to fabric on his middle back, ears have been partially refixed and stitching now loose. some age wear to his fur he looks a really old dog now. He is made standing our photo shows him at an angle so he appears to be sitting. Overall good for age and a lovely old dog. Email for more photos. Price £40 ON HOLD