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Below are some very special old & vintage Steiff bears we have available. Please scroll down the page to see all the bears on this page.

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Martha is a very sweet and very loved old Steiff teddy from the 1950’s. She needs her dress to keep her warm as she doesn’t have as much fur as when younger! She is fully jointed with glass eyes, long since lost her button, tagss. mohair is worn in places. felt feet pads only in her size have some marks on them. Height 6.5″ (17cm) to the top of her ears. squeaker broken. Some marks on her fur/body. She is in ‘as found’ condition’ and would benefit from some TLC and very light clean to be at her best. Comes wearing her knitted pink dress and tatty briefs. Email us for more photos. Price £70 ON HOLD


Chivers is a really sweet small early Steiff ‘mask’ bear c.1960’s. He is fully jointed with realistic plastic eyes (non-safety) mohair fur. height 6.5″ (17cm) to the top of his ears. Button in ear rusted with age. (lentil type) material paw pads show signs of wear and marks. He looks old and is very endearing. ADOPTED


Monty is a lovely old Steiff bear from the 1950’s. He has mohair fur, early realistic plastic eyes (non safety type) is fully jointed with original ribbon. Height 5.5″ (13cm) no longer has his button or tags. Overall very good for his age. He is a lovely small size who is small enough to travel and be a companion bear. He has a very old look to him. Email for more photos if required. Price £70

2 OLD STEIFF BEARS C.1950’S . Left to right…

SAFFIE OLD STEIFF BEAR 1950’s Saffie is a lovely example of an older Steiff bear c.1950’s. She has mohair fur, early realistic plastic (non safety) eyes. Fully jointed. Original felt paw pads are very good for age. Original nose, mouth, claw stitching. Squeaker no longer works. Height 9” (23cm) Steiff button in ear (raised script, thin letters) with yellow stock label some fading cannot read ean number. Mohair very good for age with just enough wear to give her character. She is very clean and really sweet bear. Price £120


Lindy is a very cute small Steiff bear from the 1950’s. She has mohair fur, realistic plastic eyes (non safety type) fully jointed. height 6.5″ (17cm) squeaker works. Some marks on felt feet pads. overall good for age. lost her tags, button. Price £70 Email for more photos. * Special Price for the pair £175


Randulf is a wonderful character with much age charm. He is from the 1950’s is fully jointed with mohair fur and glass eyes. Height 16″ (40cm) He has been a very much loved old bear over the years with overall wear to his mohair. Felt paw pads in places repaired or patched on hand paws. right arm is very stiff and does not move much. growler no longer works, his head tends to lean towards his chest as happens with old bears. (it is firmly fixed ) just an age characteristic as the woodwool has settled in his chest. Left ear has been partly re-fixed slightly lower than the original position. No longer has his button or tags. A really sweet old bear. If you love your old bears with their own character and look you will love him. Email us for more photos . Price £175


Teeny is a really appealing small Steiff bear. Height 5.5″ (14cm) he is fully jointed, realistic plastic eyes (non safety type) mohair fur. lost his button, tags. Good condition for his age. Email for more photos if required. Price £60


Meera is a lovey example of an old Steiff ‘Cosy Teddy’ made between 1963-1976.   She is fully jointed with glass eyes. Her fur is ‘dralon’ a soft plush fur that was popular at the time.  Height 16″ (40cm) soft stuffing.  felt paw pads and mouth are good with only a few faint marks. no growler. Lost her button, tags. Very cuddly floppy bear she prefers to sit. Still has some visible airbrush markings around her face. For her age she is in lovely good clean condition. Email us for her photo file. Price £45

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