Vintage Toys/Misc

On this page are our selection of antique, old and vintage toys from around the world.

** More toys to be listed soon **


Unusual pair of old friends from Germany. left to right..

‘Eri’ German vintage puppet doll with label. paper machie type face, good for age, slight wear to face. length 14″ (36cm) c.1970s-80s possibly earlier.

German Pixie type doll looks older he has a metal posable frame, painted moulded type face. coney fur beard and hair. his hands can be opened and closed. no makers tags. length 12″ (30cm) good for age. c.1960s-70s. Email fo rmore photos, price the pair £45

VINTAGE STEIFF DRAWSTRING DUST BAG.. Ideal for bears toys! Size 16″ + 11″ (40 + 28cm) some faint age stains, age discolouration. £15


Tiny is a hard to find smaller size vintage miniature rocking horse. Ideal for miniature bears to ride. Height to top of his head from floor is 4″ (10cm) length of bow 5.25″ (13cm) apprx. c.1980s in very good clean vintage condition. Came from Germany. £35

OLD GERMAN CHILDS TEDDY MUFFS Available separately. left to right.. email for more photos if required.

‘BIBS’ Very pretty bear with soft honey plush fur, red bib, airbrush markings to his pads. Vintage c.1960s-70s. Length 13″ (33cm) no makers tags, a good maker of the time. Inside is clean and all over in very good clean condition. £25

‘HEADY’ lovely vintage bear head muff, width 10″ (25cm) c.1980s, Made by Forster Germany. very good clean condition £20


Timmy is a very cute vintage bear who is a satchel and has his straps so he can go over a childs back. He has plush fur, realistic plastic eyes and nose. Teddy bear scarf looks original. inside is clean but zip is broken. looks like a German name on label but cannot read it. C. 1990s-2015. Fur on his head slightly grubby. length 17″ (43cm) Email for more photos. £15

PINKY BABY.. VINTAGE MUSICAL BEAR FROM GERMANY very cute vintage bear with pink, brown plush fur. length 8″ (20cm) realistic plastic eyes. pull chord in tummy plays pretty tune. Unjointed, no makers tag. c.1980s-2010. pink nightcap has faint stains, fur slightly discoloured. Email for more photos. £15

VINTAGE BEAR PURSE plush fur with cord width 7.5″ (17cm) velcro fastener at top, lining clean. plastic eyes slightly scuffed in centre. no makers tags came from Germany. Good condition £15

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