‘Siegfried’ large old Steiff bear

Siegfried is a very old, and very rare old Steiff bear from the 1950’s with button in ear. He has a great personality and is a well loved old Steiff with a very expressive face. He stands at 25” (65cm) to the top of his ears, is fully jointed with glass eyes. Thick curly mohair with excellent coverage for his age except around his long muzzle. This area has lost fur on both sides from many strokes over the years and the fur around the end of his muzzle has some age discolouration.
He still has his button in ear (large button, raised script, thin letters) felt paw pads are original and good for age with some age fading, some signs of wear. His old head tends to lean forward onto his chest as is the way with these big old Steiff bears when the wood wool settles a little in their chest. His head is firmly fixed its just age character and part of his own unique charm. He is a really lovely and rare large old Steiff bear with immense charm. Email for more photos. Price.£895 ** SPECIAL OFFER .. BEAR OF THE WEEK. £100 DISCOUNT UNTIL 25.7.21 to £795* ON HOLD

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