‘Teddy’ adorable old Steiff bear 25″

Teddy is an absolutely beautiful very rare large old, antique Steiff bear made not long after WW2 by Steiff. He has a large Steiff button in ear (raised script, thin letters) and yellow stock cloth label. Some age fading but you can make out more words and his EAN Number though faded you can see 5365:2 dates him to being made 1951-1958. He has a long muzzle, curving hand paws, large feet of the earlier bears.

He is a massive bear 25″ (65cm) with thick curly pale caramel colour mohair, with glass eyes. Original nose, mouth, claw stitching with original felt paw pads. Some small areas of wear to his paw pads mostly to his left hand paw. But for his age they are good as is his mohair which is superb for such an old bear. Even his tilt growler still works very well he loves to chatter. He is in super original condition having been very well cared for by his original family. They called him ‘Teddy’ and his name suits him well his really is a big cuddly fluffy teddy bear! He is in very good condition for such an old bear and from a non smoking home.

He is a highly recommended beautiful old Steiff bear. It is so rare and hard to find this size and age in such good original condition.

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