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Links to places for teddybear & animal lovers they may like to visit

The Thin Blue Paw Foundation is a national dog welfare charity that protects, celebrates, and rehabilitates both serving and retired police dogs from across the United Kingdom. Many people are unaware that retired police dogs do not receive financial support in their retirement from the force they served with, meaning the responsibility for their care and vet bills falls solely to their ex-handler or new owner. Unable to get pet insurance due to their working life, many are left with ongoing vet bills which can amount to thousands. The Thin Blue Paw Foundation provides much-needed financial support to over 350 unsung canine heroes and their owners to enable them to have a long and happy retirement. Click on the circular link below to go to the website and meet some dog heroes!


Since its foundation in 1989, World Land Trust has funded partner organizations around the world to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife. To date, WLT has helped secure more thousands of acres of threatened habitat in many countries.

Click on this link to go to their website and see the amazing work being done


This organization does so much to help rescue animals worldwide. With many success stories that are heartwarming. Please take the time to click on the link below to be taken directly to their website for more information about how you can help. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE

RSPCA The RSPCA does a huge amount of work to help all types of animals – pets, farm animals, reptiles, and birds in the United Kingdom. They work very hard 365 days a year to save these animals from awful lives and cruelty. They rely on the public for support to continue their work.

We are not officially connected to the RSPCA but are a member, and fundraise for them on eBay. Click here to go to the RSPCA main website.

THE TEDDY BEAR SEARCH ENGINE Here is a link to a wonderful search engine specially for bear lovers… please click on the link to be taken to their site….. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE

HUGGLETS Visit the Hugglets website where you can find out about the Hugglets Teddy Bear Guide and Festivals and so much more!! It is a goldmine for the teddy bear collector… HUGGLETS LINK