Rocking Horses

On this page are some of our very special antique, old Rocking Horses by famous makers such as F H Ayres, Lines, J R Smith, Crossley, Collinson and other quality makers of the past.

Please note All of our rocking horses are classed as antique and not as children’s toys as they were made before toy safety regulations for children.

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‘PRINCE ALBERT’ Antique Victorian rocking horse c.1890-1900

Prince Albert is a fabulous antique Victorian rocking horse c.1890-1900.   He has just been completely renovated and has the looks of the most fabulous rocking horse. His sympathetic restoration means he retains his character, you can see the little scuffs and dents on his woodwork that add charm, show his great age, and how much he has been loved and played with for the past century. All of which makes him unique and adds to his considerable charm. It would be fair to say he is so lifelike, it is like having a real small horse in your home!  He is by a top-quality rocking horse company of the time.  He is thought to be a London region maker as his markings and his carved style are similar to F H Ayres or Lines. He was made by craftsmen and is highly carved with a slight turning head.  With a beautifully carved face with a very lifelike expression. It is hard to praise this horse enough.  He really is a joy to behold and will be a joy to own.

He is a big strong full-size rocking horse painstakingly restored with very pretty dapple grey markings.  (Which has been completed to replicate as much as possible, the original dappling and markings).  He has a new set of tack and a real horse hair mane and tail.    He was renovated last autumn and has just been admired since then. There is a tiny pinprick, a small mark on the saddle barely visible overall but we like to mention it. This horse will bring joy and delight to the next home he graces. He will certainly be a big talking point and the centre of attention!  

He measures. From floor to the top of his neck 42” (107cm) from floor to saddle30” (76cm)

The stand measures 53” (135cm) long by 19” (48cm) wide. Email us for his photo file. Price £2995


Dapples is a very beautiful recently completely renovated to the stunning little horse she now is. She has been beautifully hand painted as a lovely dapple grey. She has a real horse hair flowing mane and tail, realistic glass eyes. She has been left untacked to look completely natural. Tack can be purchased on line and we can give details if required. She is on her original stand and brackets, swing irons. She is small enough to fit into a modern home, or would equally suit an older home. Perfect size for sitting bears and dolls on being not to large. Collinson of Liverpool are one of England’s most famous rocking horse makers . She is c.1950s-1960s we would say certainly some age to this stunning horse. She measures –

Height 89cm (35″) by 66cm to her back ( 26″) Stand 106cm long by 35cm wide ( 42″ by 14″) Measurements are appx in inches. Email for her full photo file. £695


Poppy is a beautiful very special antique dapple grey rocking horse from the c.1930’s. Attributed to Crossley Brothers of Blackpool a very famous rocking horse maker of the last century. They produced a large range of toys including before WW2 beautifully carved rocking horses. Poppy has the distinctive carved eyebrows attributed to this maker and her large size and build including a fuller body and very distinctively carved legs.

At some time in the past around the 1950s-60s she was sent to another famous rocking horse maker of the time who did restoration work as well as make rocking horses. ‘Collinson of Liverpool’ so she sports some of their style in her dapple painting, and finish.

Overall for her great age, she is in really good well cared for condition. with some minor age wear to her gesso painted plaster with typical age-related wear, crazing, visible on the outer painted plaster. These are cosmetic and not structural. A little wear on her ear tips. Her stand has been cleaned and lightly waxed to retain the aged character and not cover the gentle minor scuffs and signs of wear to the wood. She is the most impressive rocking horse beautiful to admire and look at. Will delight her new owners and grace a home she is such a fabulous antique rocking horse

Poppy measures 42″ to the top of her head, 35″ to the saddle. The stand measures 51″ long by 17″ wide.

Email us for her full photo file. Price £1095