Old British UK Bears

On this page, you will find our antique, and older British & UK Bears from 1940’s – 1960’s

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Barnaby is a loved, large old Chiltern bear from the c.1950s. Rare to find in this size of 70cm (75cm to the top of his ears) He is a great personality and just adorable. He is fully jointed with replacement glass eyes. His mohair has areas of ear and loss of fur, he has some ‘mummy’ repairs on his upper chest and his tummy seam of about 1″. His fur has some age discolouration mostly on his legs. He has one broken claw thread, tummy squeaker does not work. Some settlement to tummy stuffing means his head lolls forward the way old bears do. He is what we call ‘imperfectly perfect’ A very special, very loved old bear, who now seeks someone to adopt him. Priced to reflect his condition.

Email us for his photo file £150


Maximus is a very impressive large old British UK bear with immense charm. He is 27″ (70cm) in length, fully jointed, glass eyes and golden mohair fur. His tilt growler sounds more like he is sneezing now. Being such a large bear he is best suited to sitting. He is in wonderful condition for his age and very clean. One small area of seam has partly come undone on a a back of arm seam and by a hand paw. His joints are more swingy than when new but firmly fixed. He is a very handsome bear, no maker label but certainly by a good maker of the time. Email for his photo file £175


Cheeky is a very rare large Merrythought ‘Cheeky’ bear from the 1960s. He is a rare size not often seen of 26″ (65cm) he is fully jointed with golden mohair fur. What makes him even more rare is he is a Cheeky Bear made to be also a PJ case. So he has his zip on the back with an opening for PJs. The zip works well and the lining is good except for a few of areas of wear by his joints. He has an added well-fitting removable padded inset so he looks and feels like a bear and can stand. He has bells in both of his ears, a happy smiling face, his mohair fur is very good. He is all original and in wonderful condition for his size and age. He no longer has a label though you can see on his footpad a faint mark where it once was. Email for his photo file £295

”Big Goldy’ is a hard to find, and rare larger size bear from the 1960s. Made with the distinctive gold and black plush fur, which was the colouring of a hugely popular bear of the time ‘Sooty’. He is all original and is a very impressive size standing at 27” (70cm) He is fully jointed with glass eyes, a stitched nose and a mouth. These bears are seldom seen in this large size. He would have been an expensive bear at the time to purchase. These enchanting bears were made in Europe after the end of WW2 for the UK Market.
For his age, he is in very good condition with just a few small areas where his fur is discoloured. His inner ear fur has a little wear. Being so large his legs have a few areas where the wood wool inside has settled, but it does not affect his outer fur. Because he is so large he is much more comfortable sitting down. He is such an adorable old bear from a wonderful era. It is hard to believe he is about 60 years old. Email for his photo file. £235


Jasper is a superb large old British mohair bear from the 1960s. He is an impressive bear standing at 25″ (63cm) to the top of his ears. Possibly by Lefray or another quality maker of the time. He has a stitched nose and mouth, and realistic plastic eyes. If you tap his back you can hear his growler. Overall he is very good for his age and large size, with only minimal wear to his fur, and his paw pads show more signs of wear but are still good for his age. He is a lovely bear. Email for his photo file. £115


Suzie is a very sweet, older British bear from the 1950s-60s. Fully jointed with glass eyes, height standing is 18″ (46cm) She is loved but strong with some ‘mummy mends’ on her chest and back area. Her paw pads are worn and on a foot pad you can see the wood wool filling. She is very clean and ‘imperfectly perfect’ and quite her own character now. Comes wearing her cute dress. Email for her photo file £50


Amy is a very sweet older British bear with blonde mohair, plastic eyes, fully jointed, height standing 16″ (40cm) for her age in fairly good condition. With some age wear to her fur, her nose stitching is worn, her paw pads have worn and lost most of the outer coating of rexine. and on the back of her head & back the fur is discoloured in places. Email for her photo file. £45


Tae-Lin is a now a seldom seen large vintage plush panda bear from the 1950s -1960s. A time when pandas were very popular in the UK after the famous panda at London Zoo Chi-Chi. This bear is fully jointed with glass eyes and a tilt growler that still works well. Height standing 24″ (60cm) Her silky artificial plush fur is now worn and very faded mostly on the once black fur over the years. Some wear to the fur mostly on her head. She is very loved but still strong and a really sweet old bear. No maker’s label. Email for her photo file £65


Pierre is a very cute older bear from the 1960s. Made overseas for the UK market after WW2. He has soft brown cotton plush fur, and 2 colour plastic eyes. his limbs are more swingy than when new but firmly fixed. He does smell a little musty and would benefit from a light clean. So is priced accordingly. His fur is slightly age-faded in places. He comes wearing his cute jacket and shirt. Height standing 20″ (50cm) Email for his photo file. £45


Pasha is a very well-cared for old bear from England but probably made in Europe after WW2 where many childhood teddies came from. We have seen various colours over the years and this pretty shade of blonde mohair with brown muzzle and paws is so pretty. He is a large bear, fully jointed, height standing is 19″ (48cm) with glass eyes, Some gentle age thinning to his mohair, very good for his age. He is such a super sweet bear. Email for his photo file. £80


Warwick is an older bear from the c.1950s with curly plush fur, glass eyes, and rexine paw pads. He is fully jointed but can’t stand unaided he prefers to sit now! Height 24″ (60cm) you can hear his growler still if you tap his tummy. Fur is now age-faded, he is old and a floppy bear. no makers tags. In as found condition. He would look lovely dressed as he has a very appealing face. Email for his photo file. £35


Betty is a bear of her time with her woolly plush fur, made with part fabric clothes body no legs. Instead, she has her pretty very 60s-looking long skirt. This is in remarkable condition and keeps its vibrant colour. no maker’s label. She is in good ‘old’ condition. Her length laid flat is 20″ (50cm) Email for her photo file. £25


Priscilla is a childhood bear of the 1960s. These bears were the bear for many children of this time. They came in various sizes and shades but were mostly golden plush fur. Made for the UK market from Europe after WW2. She has glass eyes, fabric paw pads, a stitched nose, mouth and claws, has wood wool filling. Fully jointed though her head joint is stiffer than when new, and one leg is more swingy. Height standing 14″ (36cm) Her golden fur is more faded at the front where she has seen more sun. She has recently had a clean and is from a smoke-free home. She is not perfect but she is a lovely bear of the time. She would make a lovely gift for a friend born in the 1960s. Email for her photo file. £45


Spencer is a small bear with a big attitude from the 1950s-60s. He is fully jointed with glass eyes, a stitched nose, a mouth, claws, and leather-type paw pads. Height 13″ (33cm) His fur is a wooLly plush seen after WW2 when mohairs were in short supply. His limbs are more swingy than when he was new, one hand paw pad is worn, top of his left arm has a hole. From a smoke-free home. He comes wearing his outfit. the left eye looks darker than the other they are about the same size. all just adds to his unique character. He is small enough to sit on a dresser a super cute bear.

Email for his photo file. £25


Rare to find an original old lambswool panda by ‘Cudlam’ with a label. He has jointed limbs and a fixed head. With glass eyes, a leather-type nose, stitched mouth. Height 10.5″ (27cm) Very good condition for age, c.1960s. From a smoke-free home. Email for his photo file. £35


Lae-La is a lovely old lambswool panda from the 1960s. She is fully jointed with realistic plastic eyes and rexine-type paw pads. Height 16″ (40cm) no makers label. For her age, she is in great condition, with slight fading to her fur in places. and a small area of wear at the seam on the back of her head. She is clean and from a non-smoking home. Email for her photo file. £35


Very cute pair of old unjointed bears from the 1950s – 60s. The white one is mohair and by a good maker of the time. The panda is by Acme Hygenic Toys he has a faded label, with plush fur. lengths laid flat are 13″ & 14″. Both have age wear to fur and the panda is very loved, with fur discolouration and has lost his nose and mouth stitching. Email for more photos. The pair for £35